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Hand tools

We stock a very broad selection of leading hand tools - like hammers, abrasives, drill bits, measuring tools, blades, levels, screwdrivers - if you need it, we stock it!

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Agricultural / Gardening

We stock hoses, shovels, wheelbarrows, machetes, trash cans, rakes, trash bags, pruners, axes, hoes, rubber boots, and more

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We stock a variety of vests, hard hats, boots, caution tape, gloves of all types, face shields - if you need to keep safe, we've got you covered

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Other lines

We're just getting started...

In Paint Consumables we are one of the largest DAP distributors in the Caribbean, and we stock putty knives, spray paint, mineral spirits, paint rollers, naps, brushes, tape, joint compound, drop cloths...

In Locks we stock padlocks, single cylinder deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts, door hinges, barrel bolts, combo locks, locking chains, piano hinges...

In Janitorial we stock degreaser, brooms,silver polish, scrub brushes, toilet brushes, brooms, dust pans, mops, steel wool, wire brushes, tube brushes, roach poison, ant poison, rat traps...

We stock Tarps, Packaging, Batteries, Electrical cords, Ropes and Tie-downs, Tool Holders... give us a try.

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